Bertram 38-55 WCF Small Rifle Primer Pocket Unprimed Cases

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*** Made for Cast Bullet Engineering ***

38-55 WCF unprimed cases in a packet of 50, these cases were made for CBE by Bertram Bullet Co. in Victoria.

Originally all 38-55 WCF and 32-40 WCF ammunition was loaded in cases that had a Small Rifle primer pocket. It was only much later that Large Rifle became the standard size. We have now had Bertram Bullet Co. make a run of headstamped 38-55 WCF cases with a small rifle primer pocket, they have also been made with a small flash hole, 0.062" diameter, similar to the high accuracy benchrest cartridges.

This size flash hole will require a special small decapping pin, or you can drill them out to the standard 0.080" diameter if you wish to.

These cases are 2.085" in length and will form down to 32-40 WCF and still make the slightly longer length needed for the 32-40 WCF. They can also be formed into 32 Winchester Special, 30-30 WCF and even 25-35 WCF. They come annealed to allow easy forming.

Only available to Australian customers, we cannot post cases internationally.