Australian Shooting Related Businesses

  • Northern Smelters – Brisbane Queensland based family company specialising in bullet metals of all sorts, Linotype, Lyman #2, Pure Lead, Pure Tin, Antimony base mixes and Cerrosafe to name a few.
  • Bertram Bullet Company Pty Ltd. – A huge range of brass cases in modern and obsolete calibres.
    No website, but you can call them on (03) 5792 2912.
  • Simplex Reloading Equipment - Back in business again, making an extensive range of reloading dies, presses and parts. CBE is stocking some reloading dies and will be pleased to order your requirements.
  • Allan Swan Gunsmithing - Allan and Grant Swan make some of the best barrels around, and Australian made! Allan built my first Big Bore Rifle (a 450 Ackley Magnum) in 1990 and it's still shooting as good as the day I got it. Recently I've been buying their barrels and cannot be happier with how they shoot. You NEED to check out their website and order a barrel for your next project. Massive range of calibres and twist rates, stainless and chrome-moly, most contours and lengths available. They will also send their barrels overseas.

Cast Bullet Information and Resources

  • Handloader Magazine - Informative articles and information on handloading. Please also see Mike Venturino's Trouble Shooting Cast Bullets article in our 'Downloads' section.

Internet Forums specialising in Cast Bullets

Suppliers to Cast Bullet Shooters

Good websites for information on casting bullets

  • Los Angeles Silhouette Club – Probably THE website for cast bullet information.

Other interesting websites


Justin Bulling's YouTube Videos on Loading and Shooting the 310 Cadet Rifle